Need a little prodding on homemade plugins


I have looked at this forum and seen some of the posts on creating plugins but i am having problems.

I want to make a plugin that searches the google group perl.macosx with whatever search term i decide on.

could someone perhaps help with what i should do?

I did try to create a plugin but it doesnt even get loaded even though its saved in devonagent application support plugins folder.

my plugin attemtplooks like this

i might add that i had not expected it to work in its present state, but since i cant get devonagent to even load it i cant do a trial and error test and try it out. Since i only have a 30 day demo i’m hoping for some help. And yes, i know i’m dumb, but i’m at least willing to learn javascript:emoticon(’:roll:’)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> Name Perl.MacosX (Google Group) Info Perl.MacosX (Google Group) Plugin 1.0 ©Thomas Nyman Description Search Google Group perl.macosx. Version 1.0 Identifier com.devon-technologies.perl.macosx.plugin EngineUrlök+i+den+här+gruppen
<!-- as_q=_agentQuery_&amp;num=_agentNumber_&amp;ie=UTF-8&amp;start=_agentOffset_</string> -->

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The closing tag after…


…is missing. Adding and replacing & with & in the URL should fix this.


thanks for the answer. I followed your suggestion with no success, but i havent really had time to tinker. I did notice however that there allready is a search set called Blogs & Usenet and that there is also a plugin called usenet group plugin.

However if I use the term “perl” without the quotes, i get no hits at all…the log says … -8&start=0 error Links:0

Now i may be obtuse but it seems to me that if I search usenet groups for perl i should at the very least get some hits.

What I am missing here? I have read the manual but a simple query like this should at least get a hit shouldnt it?

You have to remove the block…


…which is useful for the Google plugin but not for searching in groups. Something like…


…should be more useful.

Hi again

Thansk for the prompt reply…i’ll try that…but why isnt DA usenet plugin returning any results?

It’s outdated as Google changed the website. V2 will include an updated and improved plugin.

I’m teasing a bit about starting out with DEVONagent. :slight_smile:

Choose the existing Blogs and Usenet search set. Enter “perl” without quotes. Click Search. I got lots of hits.

Or make a copy of an existing set, such as Internet (fast scan). Uncheck the Internet plugin. Check the Usenet plugin. Open the modified set and enter “perl” without quotes. Bang. A quick scan of Usenet, with results.

My reference search habits were developed in the old days, when one spent hundreds of hours lurking around in library stacks, carrying around packs of note cards. So DEVONagent is a sheer delight to me.

Admittedly, there is a collection of journals that would allow me to use a plugin tailored to searching archives of article abstracts, but for which there’s not an existing plugin – and that I look at fairly frequently. So I may end up playing with a plugin for that collection.

So far, though, I’ve gotten a lot of use from existing or modified search sets. And I look forward to more plugins.

One of the beautiful things about plugins is that they can be shared with others who have similar interests.


see…i knew my DA software must be on the fritz … because i get not one single hit when i put in perl as the query and yes without the quotes, and yes i did copy the internet fastscan and yes i did uncheck and check the relevant plugins

The Universe is against me :unamused:

Oops! I hadn’t seen Christian’s note about the outdated plugin in v. 1.7. He said it would be fixed in DA 2.0.

Guess what? I’m using a pre-release of version 2, and the Usenet plugin does work. :slight_smile:

Thank you Bill,

thas good to know, allthough from what my eyes tell me Christians post was

“The plugin isn’t compatible to the latest revision of Google Groups anymore but we’ll fix this in v1.6.1.”, and since I have 1.7 I assumed it was fixed. Anything else in 1.7 that is known not to work?

When can i expect 2.0 to come out and will that be an upgrade i would have to pay for if i buy 1.7 now?

Apparently I am unable to read answers to my own post :slight_smile:

Christian did say outdated in my own thread. I stand corrected!

Guess there goes my “junior” standing :slight_smile:

DEVONagent 2.0 will be available early next year. We will offer reasonable upgrade paths for all those who already own DEVONagent 1.x. For everyone who has purchased DEVONagent on or after the 1st of November, 2005, the upgrade will be free.