Need a tip on how to link to external program

I have been rummaging around in the help documents, done some searches on the forum and experimented with a variety of menu settings.

I’m stumped.

How do I create a link in a DTPO note that will invoke an external program? For example, if I copy a bit of text into a DTPO note, I would like to link back to the source of that note. The link I receive from the program in which the text I quote resides gives a link that looks something like this:

(as URL) logosres:nac37;ref=Bible.2Pe1.3-4;off=-64
(as HTML) 2 Peter 1:3–4 »

How can I make this an active hyperlink in DTPO?

Solved the problem.

When I open the note in TextEdit I can insert the link there. When I click the link in the DTPO, the link opens the program to the proper place!