Need assistance/suggestions/help/advice

I am a Virtual Assistant for a technical writer. We use DT to share the research article links that I find on specific topics. When I add the link to DT it will bring up the abstracts for her to be able to read. However, this is not enough of an assist for her. I need to be able to give her highlights of the article, almost in a word cloud type of way. At least, highlights that I gleaned from the research that made me think this particular article would be of value for her to read. Is there anyway we can do this right within DT? I hate to have to give her an additional step and utilize a program outside of DT. We would like to be able to simplify the process as much as possible and eliminate the bottleneck of research she is dealing with. Any and all suggestions would be most welcome. Thank you in advance.

Welcome @Beaches
It’s not possible to generate word clouds in DEVONthink.

A future version of DEVONthink will support creating summaries of highlighted material in RTF and PDF files.