Need Basic Help OCRing TIFF files using DTP

I use DevonThinkPro, latest version, OSX Snow Leopard. Hoping someone can help me.

I need basic instructions on how I can OCR a lot of TIFF files. I’ve searched this forum. I’ve read the software literature. Even reviewed a book: none of these sources have provided a simple to understand answer.

I received around 300,000 TIFF files and imported them into a DevonThinkPro database. When I did the import, I didn’t see an option to OCR while importing.

And now that the images have been imported, it is not clear to me how to OCR the TIFF files. I also note the “convert to text” and “convert to rtf” dropdown menu item is greyed out for all the folders in this new database.

Hence, if someone could provide me with simple, clear, step-by-step instruction on how to accomplish this, much appreciated. By simple, I mean just explain the steps in order, with the DTP dropdown menu item I need to use in sequence.

Also: if I am going to have an issue OCRing TIFF files using Devon, if someone could give me a professional alternative, much appreciated. Yes, I did try Acrobat 10, but it crashes after processing ten or twenty thousand files. I need something for OSX Snow Leopard that can crunch through millions of files reliably without crashing. Really hoping DTP can do this, vendors want to charge $10k and up for some of these requests.

(PS love the program, but some of the documentation leaves much to be desired.)

If you’re using DEVONthink Pro Office, then you should be able to convert the TIFF files (after selecting them) via Data > Convert > To Searchable PDF.

Thank you kindly for the prompt response. This is precisely what I thought. I’ve tried this multiple times. But the selection is greyed out. I took a screenshot of what I see:

Hence all the “convert” options are grey. These TIFF files are around 10kb each, and Acrobat 10 can convert them (but it is slow). What is the solution to my problem using DTPRO?

That screen image shows you’re using DEVONthink Pro; you’ll need to use DEVONthink Pro Office, as Christian mentioned.

Ah. Let me try it and see how it goes. Going to upgrade right now. Thank you again for the fast response.

You probably won’t want to try converting all 300K :open_mouth: of those imported TIFFs in one session. :slight_smile:

DTPro Office is working and doing the OCR. I agree, not doing all in one session. I’ve been doing them in batches of a couple thousand at a time.

Thanks again for the advice.