Need clear instructions on syncing my database with dropbox

The procedures for using Dropbox to sync my Devonthink Office databases across my computers are not articulated clearly anywhere that I can find. This has been an enduring problem, and there are now so many varied messages with questions, solutions, etc. that are written in technospeak, that I despair and consider quitting Devonthink altogether! Why has this taken so long?

I think all users deserve a simple description of how to go about syncing our databases across our individual computers, that is, computers that are never on the same network. It should be simple: I want to use my databases on my work and my home macs, and I want them to be identical. Please, how difficult can this be? Just a set of instructions, written in clear English without jargon. This is what I am requesting.

Below are two major problems I am having.

Recently, I have re-synced my databases on Dropbox, but every sync seems to mean re-syncing every file each time. It used to be possible to change account preferences in Dropbox (by un-checking devonthink accounts under “apps.” Now, there’s a message that says the folder will be removed if unchecked…I don’t know what to do. It seems reasonable to assume that the problem would go away if only I had a clear set of instructions on syncing my Devonthink databases with Dropbox.

Recently, I copied [but, did I really?] my top databases from my home laptop to my work laptop, so that they would henceforth be synchronized via Dropbox. The database on 2 locations has never synced properly, so that now there are two different ones with the same name. Attempts to fix have failed.

Would someone please send my a set of instructions for accomplishing what should be a simple project of syncing my devonthink databases on my two un-networked computers via Dropbox?

Thank you very much,

A remote Sync location like Dropbox is not necessarily optimal for Syncing two or more Macs. Please start a Support Ticket.

I logged onto the forums with this exact question. Somehow the answer is that syncing is not the optimal way to sync two databases? Isn’t this the point of syncing?

Please explain what your conception of the optimal way to sync databases between machines that are not on the same network is, since this was supposed to be the purpose of remote syncing.

Very confused, and my syncing has also stopped working. Sigh.


A remote Sync location is not always optimal (and just having a Dropbox account does not make it an optimal choice). The decision can be affected by geography, network quality / server responsiveness (which is ALWAYS an inherent weakness in any remote Sync), requirements of data timeliness (does someone really need this NOW or not), and obviously privacy / control concerns (as many people don’t want their data on someone else’s servers, encrypted or not).

PS: If your Sync has stopped working, please start a Support Ticket. Thanks!