Need Help - can't access DB anymore

I have DT Pro Office 2 and cannot access my main database anymore. I had just finished moving everything over.

I installed 2.3.1 and then got hit by a power outage. After the machine came back up I can’t get it to open the database anymore. I don’t see any error message either. The DB is there, with 1.7 GB of data.

How do I fix this?

Note: I don’t have a back up yet

Normally I would ask you to send a message to Support, as the response may involve questions and responses and take a good deal of forum space.

I’ll send you a private message.


Thanks to Bill I’m up and running again :smiley:

What was the resolution? I just experienced a similar situation. I can’t open my database – the app just flashes, but doesn’t display an error message.

^Check your pm’s.