Need help! Scansnap should change profile with Applescript


I tried to change my many ScanSnap Profiles with the help of Applescript. I only managed it to bring the Dock Application to the front, but i’m not able to change the Profile from ‘Standard’ to e.g. ‘Staple Single Side’.

Here is my code so far.

tell application "System Events"
          tell process "Dock"
                    click UI element "ScanSnap Manager" of list 1
          end tell
end tell

Can anyone please give me an advice. Maybe one which will change the Profile in the Background, so that the ScanSnap Manager will not be visible.

Thank you in advance.


For me, the only thing that script does is launch ScanSnap Manager and click the “Scan Snap Manager” menu. I think if it is possible to use UI scripting to set the current ScanSnap profile, then you would need to go deeper into the Scan Snap Settings window to do that. Perhaps posting on a forum where Fujitsu support is discussed might get some additional views on how to do this?