Need help understanding versions in DT3

Hello, I have DTP Pro 2 Office now and have questions concerning DT3

    I guess Pro Office does not exist anymore, I only see a comparason between Pro and Server…
    Since there are 3 versions now, why not put all 3 in the comparison chart ?!

    I never used Server features… I think you need an iPhone for that right ? Am an Android person “forever”.
    I don’t quite understand the use of Server… I have however tried putting Databases on DropBox for example for sharing but I think they get treated as single files and thus are not not updated incrementally so I gave that up that… is that something Sever version can do, incremental updates of a database?

  3. SCAN
    Can the Regular version scan or is it a Pro version feature only ?
    Same question for OCR.

    Can the Regular version import emails?
    It seems to work fine the Beta I downloaded but is the Beta a Regular version or a Pro version?


Should have started a new thread. OP was about 'Upgrade and cost.

I see why you are confused number one.
“Pro Office Becomes Pro” at

You’re right I should have started maybe 5 new threads even, this forum is not enough of a mess already ;0)

The server version has the ability to act as a web server - you can use a browser to view and manage DT databases. It was there in the older DT Pro Office. In DT3 it’s been updated with better access control. It’s the only difference between the Server edition and Pro. I guess the intended use case is to give access to large groups of people to DT content without having to but large numbers of licences.

The beta is the Server Edition, so has everything.

Don’t know about scanning and email archiving - the product comparison page doesn’t seem to refer to the non-Pro edition

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I’ve just split this into a separate thread.

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I read in another post that for the product comparison page, features listed for the pro version are not available in standard.