Need help with search syntax

Hello, I have three questions about the search syntax with DT, that was not able to solve so far.

1.) I have a file named “Blogbeitrag papierloses Büro.pdf”. When I searched for it I used the syntax “blog* AND papierlos*”. It did not reveal the correct file. What is wrong in my search syntax?

2.) A spotlight search with “blog papierlos” revealed the correct file right away. Is there any mode in search that resembles the simplicitiy of spotlight without the fixed use of the search syntax.

3.) How can I search for parts of a word, that may be located at the beginning, the end or in middle of another word?

Thanks for your help.

Nothing. The file should be found. Is the name of the item in DEVONthink identical to the filename? Did you try Tools > Search? Is the item excluded from searching (see Info panel)?

No, this isn’t possible currently.

E.g. via ~word or word

Thanks for the quick reply.

For some reason it does not find the file. I do use the search via tools. The file can be searched. I also do not see any wrong selections in the search options. Interestingly, in iOS it did find the file with the search syntax “blog* AND papierlos*”.

Could please post a screenshot of the Tools > Search window before/after searching and of the Info panel for this document? Thanks!

Hi, here are the screenshots:

There is a typing mistake in your filename (“paierloses” instead of “papierloses”), therefore DT might not find it when searching for “papierlos*”

You are absolutely right. How embarrassing… :weary:

However, I still wonder why the file was not found with “unscharf” selected as a search option. And also the file was found in DTTG without problems.

Thanks for your help!

Indeed, it is strange, that DTTG finds the file… has anyone an idea why this is so?

Here‘s the screenshot from DTTG.

quite interesting, I would have expected that DT is better than DTTG in finding “similar” results to the search term due to better AI performance… maybe anyone from the DT support staff might be able to explain your differing search results?!

The underlying search technologies in DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go are not the same.