Need help with Smart Rule for copying item link

Been a DT3 user since a year but now trying to make my first smart rule. I’ve a group where I store all the images that I use in markdown documents. I want a Smart Rule that automatically copies the item link of an image when I add the image to that group. However, I can’t find a “Copy Item Link” action or anything similar in the actions menu. Am I missing something? How do I go about creating this simple automation? Thanks.

There’s no such action but a script could perform this. Which workflow do you actually have in mind?

I’ve to frequently add screenshots to a markdown file in DT3. I’m editing this file externally in BBEdit. I don’t know what the best practice is for dealing with images in markdown files in DT3, but what I’ve done is I’ve made a Group where I store all the screenshots and then I copy the Item Link of the images and paste that to the markdown document opened in BBEdit.

The whole process of putting the screenshots in the Group, then copying the item link and then pasting in BBEdit takes time and has to be repeated multiple times everyday.

What I was thinking of doing was that whenever I add any screenshot to that specific Group, DT3 will automatically put the Item Link of the image in the clipboard. Then I can paste it in BBEdit.

I don’t have any scripting knowledge though. Do you think this can be scripted or is there any other better way of handling this workflow?

In this case it might actually be easier to edit the documents with DEVONthink. E.g. images can be inserted into a Markdown document via drag & drop. But if the full power of BBEdit is required by you then DEVONthink is of course no replacement.

Or use DEVONthink to insert the link and BBEdit for everything else.