Need ideas for academic workflow across computers

I’ve come across several recent discussions in other locations on how some people in academics are keeping up with the pdf libraries and notes on those pdf files between Papers, DTPoffice, Skim and dropbox so that they have all of this relevant information across their different Macs.

My top priority is to have access to all of my information across multiple Macs. I am a bookends (BE) user and would really like to find others who may be doing something similar and have gotten farther than me. All of my pdf files live in my BE attachments folder that sits on dropbox. Skim is nice, but is a pain in that one has to export all skim notes into dropbox as a stand alone file for one to share them across dropbox and different computers. I also think Skim falls short when one wants to shift to annotating or reading their pdf files on the iPad, so this has pushed me away from using Skim from time to time.

Now, I am at a cross roads where I really want to start using something like DTPoffice to pull in all of my notes on all of these PDF files. I still want to use BE for general organization and citation work while writing, but it is clear that something like DT will make my life much easier when I want to start to see relationships across different studies.

I am test driving DTPoffice at the moment and have thus far indexed my BE attachment folder and am messing around with how to collect notes. Any and all ideas are really welcome.

There are many academics and researchers who keep blogs on this topic – for example have you read John Sidiropoulos (A digital workflow for academic research)? He has prepared many quite useful scripts and techniques for DEVONthink. (He has also participated here in the past.)

Yes, Sidiropoulos’ blog does seem quite useful for scripting and working with Devonthink. Many others are using Papers rather than Bookends, but I think they work in similar ways with regards to how they store PDF files, so I am trying to use ideas others have used and see if I can get them to work with BookEnds too.