Need to duplicate Using Document Picker in Microsoft Word?

It seems like overall integration and functionality available with the document picker varies a great deal between applications.

Has anyone had luck using Microsoft Word and DTTG via the document picker?

I was recently in the Microsoft Word application and wanted to open and edit a word document in DTTG. I used the document picker to pick the desired file and when the file opened Word said that I needed up “update the file to the latest type to edit” or something to that effect, and offered a button to preform the task (basically a “save as…”).

I saved the new file back into DTTG. However, once I deleted the “old” non-upgraded version of the file I had to re-open the file in Word. I selected the newly upgraded file and was prompted to upgrade the file again…

Okay so clearly this isn’t an issue with the filetype if the upgraded file needs to be upgraded again! I suspect that the issue is that Word doesn’t really handle live-editing a file opened via the document picker.

Is anyone else seeing the same issue? Are there ways you’ve gotten around it?

I’m using the latest version of Word on Mac and iOS so there should be no issues in terms of software age or compatibility.

I’ve not seen the issues described above. I can open Word, click “… More”, navigate thru document picker to a .docx file in DTTG, edit, save. It’s updated in DTTG. Seems seamless.

Strange, I’ll have to experiment with a few other word documents to see if I can consistently reproduce it…

Good to know it works, and that I should keep digging!

OK, there’s a similar scenario to the original post that I can replicate – not that this is exactly what happened, but it reproduces the steps.

  1. On the desktop, make a Word document and save it in the old .doc format (i.e., don’t use the new .docx XML format). Call it, say, “ABC.doc”
  2. Add to a database and sync it up to DTTG. Make sure the sync in DTTG is finished.
  3. Go to Word, and open from document picker as I described above.
  4. When Word opens “ABC.doc” it says “need to upgrade”, which you do. But it offers to save the “upgrade” with the same name “ABC.doc”

If you do just what Word proposed, saving to document picker > DTTG, and don’t change the name to something different than “ABC” (regardless of extension), then it is not really saved.**

You need to change the name to “ABC upgrade.docx” or something that is not “ABC.doc”, save to document picker > DTTG, and proceed.

[size=85]** Opinion: I think offering to save a converted document in the same name and extension is a Word bug. But saying anything Word does is a bug is like saying “in the morning, the sun rises” – because everything in Word is a bug, in my opinion :laughing: [/size]

Okay I was able to successfully work in Word with a file stored in DTTG using the Document Picker with everything behaving as expected. I am not sure what went wrong with my first attempt at working with a couple files, but it seems as though it was an isolated incident.

Thanks Korm for chiming in with your experience.