Need to Move Databases to Cloud Storage from External Hard Drive


I have multiple DevonThink databases that I used to store on my local drive (on my MacBook). However, the databases became too large and I thus moved them to an external hard drive. I don’t really trust external hard drives for long-term storage and like to use them more as a backup. Right now all of my Devonthink databases, however, are sitting on my external hard drive waiting for a new home.

I’m quite sure that this is a regular question, but I struggle to weigh through some of the technical convos and even some of what’s described in the handbooks/guides. So I thought I’d simply ask:

  1. Can I move my databases to a storage service in the cloud – again, not as a backup, but as a cloud-based storage location where I can retrieve my databases and their documents from any computer I’m using (I.e. either my iMac or my MacBook)?

  2. Which service is recommended? I have a very hefty Apple iCloud account, but I’ve read that this is best used as a syncing service. Is Dropbox or Google Drive a better service for what I need?

Thanks so very much for everyone’s help!


This is discouraged.

No. Databases should not be stored in a cloud location, and DT will actively hinder you if you try to set up a new database in the cloud.

Each device must have its own local copy of the database.

I trust my drives (internal and external)
right up until they fail and need to be replaced
Make sure you backup your data