Need two licenses?

Very basic question here. I bought Devonthink 3 for my MacBook, but I’m getting an iPad and want to use Devonthink on it and my iPhone. Do i need to buy two Devonthink To Go licenses or just one and download it onto both my phone and iPad?

Installing software on IOS devices is buying direct from Apple’s App Store. For me in my country, when I purchased DEVONthinkToGo, it was installed automatically on both my iPad and iPhone by Apple. Your mileage may be different!

DEVONthink To Go is a separate application, hence a separate purchase from the iOS App Store.

I think the number of devices you can install one purchase on, might depend on the App Store account you use on those devices, or whether or not you use family sharing for example.

AFAIK you can install an app from the App Store on 5 different devices using the same App Store account, and probably on other devices of family members if you use family sharing. But the latter doesn’t allow you to share in-app purchases. (The App Store account and AppleID are not necessarily the same by the way).

Please check Apple’s description about the maximum number of devices before you buy.

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I have DDTTG on both an iPad and iPhone. As I recall, the app is a free download with an in-app purchase to enable premium features. If, as @anon6914418 indicates, the two devices use the same Apple ID for the App Store, the in-app purchase on one device should be effective on the other.
No advance decision needed; I’d suggest downloading the app on both devices, and if you want the added features, make the in app purchase on one, and see if you can activate premium features on the other (settings —> manage premium features —> restore purchase.

Just to clarify:

DEVONthink To Go is a paid application. However, there is also an in-app option to purchase the Pro Pack, enabling some features like PDF annotation, sheet and email support, and shallow (on demand) syncing.

Thanks for the clarification, Jim. My memory never was what it used to be…

the original poster was asking if two licenses of DEVONthink ToGo required on 2 IOS devices.

It was not for me but i do not know how Apple does it worldwide the same as here in my country.

Ahh. I missed that. If the iOS devices are signed into the same Apple ID, you can install it on both.

Great, thank you for this helpful information.

I’m having a problem with DTTG on my spouse’s iPhone not recognizing the in-app purchase she made on DTTG on her iPad. Both devices are signed into her same iCloud account.

The details:

I myself have previously made a one-time purchase of DTTG through my own iCloud account and have it running on both my iPad and iPhone with no problems, via that single purchase.

Later, separately, I set up family sharing for iCloud purchases, and that was turned on and has remained on.

Now, when my spouse wanted to start using DTTG as well, it did not occur to me that she could possibly use my previous purchase of DTTG on her devices, via family sharing; anyway, we didn’t try that and I don’t know if it would have worked. What we did was download DTTG to her iPad via her own iCloud account, and that asked her to make a new in-app purchase, and so we made a new one-time in-app purchase for her. With that purchase, as expected, because family sharing is on and I am the “Organizer”, her new DTTG in-app purchase was charged to the credit card in my iCloud account. DTTG is now working fine on her iPad.

However, now when we try to download DTTG to her iPhone and open it, it apparently is not “seeing” any in-app purchase, neither her recent one on her iPad via her iCloud account nor my previous ones via my iCloud account. DTTG on her iPhone requests a new payment, even though she’s logged into the same iCloud account on both devices.

(Parenthetically, and strangely, on her iPad under App Store purchases, I could see her purhcases and my purchases, but on her iPhone I could see only hers, even though the family sharing settings were the same on both devices. I tried turning off purchase sharing from me on all our devices and then restarted her iPhone, in hopes that might force her iPhone to “see” her recent in-app purchase of DTTG on her iPad from her own iCloud account, but no luck.)

Any suggestions?

On every device that uses the same Apple ID you should be able to restore the purchase. It’s all managed by the App Store. Family Sharing is a different thing; here you need to install the app from the original purchaser’s Purchases in the App Store app.

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Thanks for the quick response. Since my description of the issue, and the mention of family sharing, seemed not to suggest any possible problems to you, I was forced to go back to basics and re-examine the question of “the original purchaser’s Purchases”. I’ll describe what I discovered, just in case anyone else might have this same weird situation:

My spouse’s iPhone was logged in to her primary iCloud account. What did not occur to me was that even when that’s the case, Purchases could be logged in to a different iCloud account. I knew that she has two different iCloud accounts, one for each of the regions where she spends time (because sometimes she needs local region-only apps). However, I didn’t realize that Purchases has its own separate iCloud login, apart from the iPhone’s overall iCloud login. I discovered that while Purchases on her iPad was logged in to her primary iCloud account, Purchases on her iPhone was logged into her secondary account, even though the rest of her iPhone was logged in to the primary account. When I logged out of Purchases and logged back in to that with the primary iCloud account, DTTG on the iPhone could now “see” the previous purchase made on the iPad, and it’s now working.

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Ah, that explains it. And explains maybe some of the confusion also some other customers experienced in the past. While it’s unusually flexible of Apple to allow this, it also creates a possible trap :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes! Thanks again for your help.