Nervous database window

I have perhaps six databases open at any one time but I usually have only a single window open. This means that when I want to switch databases, I have to click on the database name, and the window changes to the desired database. I have a 23" Apple display and still monitor real estate is at a premium for me (and I do use Spaces as well). I also like to have my DTPO windows set for certain dimensions.

The problem is that one of these databases causes the window to jump to another (undesired) location on my monitor, and it resizes itself in the process. The new size is smaller and I have to resize the window and readjust the column widths as well*.

What’s going on and what can I do to fix this? I’ve tried toggling the “Retain View” pref setting but that doesn’t work.

*This is another complaint of mine: Column widths are constrained unless the window itself is made wider. I wish there were some way of making at least the “Name” column stick to something more than seven characters wide no matter how narrow the window.

I’ve just checked this but can’t reproduce it. And after having a look at the code, this shouldn’t happen as long as the OS is doing what it’s supposed to do. Anyone else experiencing this? Anything in the system console (see /Applications/Utilities/

Christian, somehow I just knew you were going to report this as unreproducible! :blush:

This is one of those things that only happens with a couple of my databases. I’ll copy it over to another Mac and see if it displays the same behavior. If it does, then perhaps I should zip it and send it over to you.

I’ll experiment and let you know.


Deleting the preferences (com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2.plist) should fix this.

Christian: I moved DTPO and my 20-odd databases to another Mac. Everything ran fine. No window jumping around. Tried on a third mac. Same result.

I trashed the prefs file you mentioned and that didn’t help either.

Next i’ll create three new databases and transfer the contents from the three jittery databases into them and see if that helps.


Please let me know if the upcoming beta will fix the problem.

I just downloaded and installed Beta 5 build 2 and there was no change.

Since this is in no way interfering with my work, I will leave things alone and check after each succeeding build.


Hi Christian, I’ve downloaded what’s known as pb5 (created May 21 at 5:13am) and opened a few databases, including those that pop up all over my screen.

I’m sorry to report that there’s been no change in the windows’ behavior.