Nervous Newbie

So, I’ve been test driving DTpro and I see the obvious advantages. However, I’m really nervous about dropping all of my files into one single database. Any feedback on my thoughts below would be appreciated:

  1. My files all live on Dropbox. If all files lived in a DT database, I couldn’t log in to Dropbox from a computer that doesn’t have DT installed to retrieve a file (as I’d only be seeing a DT database file).

  2. If the database gets corrupted, all of my stuff would be inaccessible.

  3. Possible performance issues with such a large file?

  4. Indexing the files instead, doesn’t seem such a good idea as you’d still have to get to the original file structure to move things around, which seems to be besides the point of having a DT database.


Perhaps the place to start is to ask what you hope to accomplish with DEVONthink? Your question #4 suggests that you might be looking for a Finder replacement, which DEVONthink is not. Tell us a little more on your requirements, and you’ll get better feedback.