Nested smart groups

Love the smart groups capability. Any chance that DTPro Office 2 will include nested smart groups? Or have I missed it in playing about with the public beta?

Yeah. I’m trying to create a simple “everything in inbox AND everything unread within the db” smartgroup so I can have one stop shopping. That would sure be nice. Maybe I can do that without nested groups but I can’t figure out how. :question:

Or even a smartgroup that contains all items within its children’s groups.

I’m using a Type is Any Content Smart Group for that. Groups are excluded, like in the built-in History window.

That’s terrific for normal groups. Interestingly, you can put an ‘unread’ SG inside the Inbox, but when you reference the inbox with ‘Type is Any Content’ in a new SG, the contents of the ‘unread’ SG don’t show up. So, close, but no ceegar quite yet.

Wondered if you might get that effect in Three Pane view by multi-selecting Inbox and the built-in Unread smart group but selecting multiple groups of any flavor inaccurately displays No Selection in the bottom-right pane with “X items, Y selected” shown the Info Bar where Y is the accurate number of selected groups. Buggy.

More Smart Group issues:

The Right-Arrow shortcut on a selected empty Smart Group that’s displaying a disclosure triangle flips a right-pointing triangle downward, but the Left-Arrow shortcut doesn’t flip it upward.

This tooltip appears in the Smart Group editor:

Option-Click tooltip.png
Has anyone gotten that to behave differently than a non-modified click?

Well the ‘No Selection’ doesn’t bother me because it seems it’s always referred that group’s file selection. But a working multiple group selection would be way cool. As it is now, a multiple selection shows the ‘root’ files, which sure ain’t right.

Good catch. But that arrow shouldn’t be ther anyway, should it?

I saw that and was hoping it would have allowed an output from multiple location inputs. After scratching my head about that I found something somewhere that mentioned that the smart group interface isn’t fully functional yet.

It’ll get there, though!

I see what you mean. Even though that’s accurate it’s still a bit disconcerting, probably because of how No Selection remains so visually dominant when one or more groups are selected in the left pane.

Yup, that’s the “real” bug.

It was a briefly explained a week or two ago but I haven’t been inspired to search for the thread because multi-page results are still painfully slow to browse.

Here’s another disclosure triangle question (applicable to v1, too):

Why does the Option key modifier add “expand/collapse all” functionality when clicking but not when Option-Left/Right-Arrow shortcuts are used?

Origin of my question is that I thought it behaved differently when trying it last week though now it seems that must have been some other app.

I vaguely remembered that “something somewhere” but didn’t find it or preferably something more specific.

A more prominent location for keeping an updated list of open issues and other recurring, FAQ-like info is desperately needed. Fueled by the forum’s crippled searching I’ve been relentlessly encouraging Bill D. to do that with his FAQ candidate posts, still hoping eventually he will or someone else will be allowed to.