Nesting smart groups?

I can’t seem to find this anywhere in the forum, which is surprising. . .

Now that tags are here, I really want to push toward a flat file structure, with all groups, categories, etc. largely governed by tags. I’ll dump info into a small number of meta-level categories, and use tagging for the drill-down. At least, this is what I want to do. However, I can’t seem to be able to nest smart groups. Why not? I’ve never tried it before, but assumed the functionality would be there.

E.g., I can have a meta-level folder “School,” where I keep ALL school docs. I then want a smart group for, say “Contracts.” No problem. But then, what if I have a huge number of docs (notes, papers, presentations, etc.) in that group that I want to further define into Notes, Papers, Presentations smart groups? No dice, unless I want all of those smart groups to exist as another branch on the “School” tree, so to speak.

Is there any plan to allow nesting functionality for smart groups, or am I just missing something?


Just to elaborate a bit on this:

The point of a smart group is to “smartly” search all of one’s content based on certain parameters, and then aggregate it into one place. These smart groups, however, should allow for increasing degrees of precision. If I have an “Inventions” folder and want to smart group all my “Widgets,” but then further sub-classify “Widgets” into “Widgets-with-wings” and further “Widgets-with-wings-with-wheels” and. . . etc. This process should be allowed to go ad infinitum.

However, in the current setup, my “Widgets,” Widgets-with-wings," and “Widgets-with-wings-with-wheels” smart groups are all at the same hierarchical level within the “Inventions” folder. This is illogical and counterintuitive, as all smart groups after “Widgets” (in this example) are a sub-classification of that “Widget” class. So, the folder/search hierarchy should be thus:

Inventions[regular folder]>Widgets[smart]>Widgets-with-wings[smart]>Widgets-with-wings-with-wheels[smart]

Each of those should be nested within the preceding item in the hierarchy.

This is the beauty of smart groups. They can be as precise or as imprecise as one wishes, and they are not permanent–they can be wiped away without a second thought, when they cease to be useful (unlike a traditional folder hierarchy, in which everything would have to be physically moved).

I hope that better clarifies my previous post.