networked smb share - indexed folder - files go missing

Let me first say that I’m a fairly new user to Devonthink. On top of that there’s also been quite a while I’ve not been using DT due to activities being focused round windows systems…

I have DT running on a mac-mini, 10.7.5 and on my macbook pro running 10.6.
Both systems share several smb shares living on a linux ext3 filesystem. (synology nas)

I’ve set both mac systems up to sync a couple of databases.
In my experience when an indexed file is reported missing, sync will fail.
The moment the missing file-reference is removed, syncing works.

Problem lies with an indexed shared smb folder. It’s full of PDF files.
Having the activity log window open, I see files being reported missing.
However I can browse to the file in Finder…
It seems as if files go offline, then are rediscovered and so on…

Problem is in the mean time sync doesn’t work.

What can I do to solve this situation?
Any in depth monitoring to be done?

Also: is there a way to easily list all “missing” files?

Thanks for your help & tips!

Unless you have a compelling reason, I would NOT use ext3 as it is a foreign filesystem to Macs (regardless of the marketing hype). Also, based on the tickets we have concerning problems with NAS’s, Synology drives are the most common brand that has issues.

Hmmm, thanks for your comment.
This complicates matters… somewhat, to say the least.
I must correct myself: the filesystem used is ext4, but I gather that will not make much of a difference…

The synology was there before DT, also, on the whole, these NAS boxes have been performing excelently I must say. I know my way around in computerland and have built my own nas boxes, from freenas to zfs solaris types, and must honestly say that one of the most trustworthy solutions has been the synology.
Recently HFS+ support has been added, but I have not been able to set up R/W support yet. Reason for my experiment with HFS+ was mainly that I wanted to check on OS X’s behaviour regarding metadata (xattr)

Are you advocating use of mac filesystem in conjunction with DT?
What about NTFS? Is this any better (with DT)?
Or does DT need xattr supported in the kernel?
Does DT rely or use xattr, and hence will this type of problem always arise on foreign filesystems?

Thanks for your help!

HFS+ is always preferred (not just for DT). I would stick with HFS+. If there’s a cross platform requirement (say in a corporation) then you have to give up some things to make it work but if you’re a home User with just Macs, then I highly suggest keeping things “as Mac as possible”. :slight_smile:

DEVONthink will write out OpenMeta Tags on export (which are stored in xattr) but don’t internally write them. Metadata in the database is stored in our own indices.