Never happy?

Well I can sympathetize with the developers on this. No sooner have they fixed one problem and we are whining about something else …

I am delighted that the new DTTG 1.5.4 release fixes the issues that I was having, including a fix for my elderly iOS 5 device, which now happily syncs with newer iOS devices and the full Mac version. Woohoo! Happy boy!

next I tried to make a web clipping from Feedly, using the various options for sharing. All I get is the headline text, whereas Evernote grabs the complete article. Sigh. But it does illustrate how hard it is for a small firm to keep up with the rapid changes in this area.

So, thank you for the DTTG improvements… And hope that you can continue to improve integration with clipping/sharing tweaks as they evolve.

Thanks for the encouragement! :smiley:
Remember that we are working steadily on DTTG 2, so most changes for DTTG 1.x are bug fixes, not additional functionality.


Newbie here (geez, I really do hate that description for a 50+ semi-elderly individual, but gonna go with it for simplicity sake.)

Want to also compliment customer service as per the thread I’ve tagged onto.

I’ve never been able to complete a sync of two databases with 2000+ notes ported from Evernote to DEVONthink Pro.

I left Evernote behind primarily because of the plummeting levels of customer service. Tickets that were routinely solved in less than 24 hours went to more than a week for acknowledgement.

Is my problem the size of the databases? The content? - Probably 25% or more are .pdfs

I’m semi-retired so this isn’t really a pressing issue, “but it would be nice…”

I’ve tried the resets and actually just deleted the app from the iPad contemplating a reinstall.

As a confirmed Luddite, the app disappeared long ago from my iPhone due to space and the realization that I forget my phone more often than I remember it. (I do USUALLY have it in the rolling computer bag OR in the car, but it’s routinely set on Do Not Disturb so I’m ALWAYS startled when it rings or vibrates.)

Any suggestions that don’t involve a lot of work on my part? :unamused:

Thank you for letting us know about the clipping issue. I’ll have a look at what is happening here.