New 2.5 Version crashed during sync now wont sync my databas

I was syncing my main database. DT then crashed. When I re-opened it, and resumed the sync. it will not sync again. It shows Resuming Remote Connection, but then this dialogue just disappears.

So I deleted the remote database on my Webdav and tried again. Same thing. Does not even create any folder/file in the Webdav at all.

I duplicated my database on the computer, tried syncing that (think it was a new one) but it failed again same thing.

I guess the transactions folder on the remove Webdav was something to do with it as I did not delete that.

I deleted the whole Webdav remote, created a new database, copied my old files to the new one, and started again and synced and it worked.

Note: I get NO error.

Its syncing again now, but this was quite bad. So the sync is still as buggy in this version as it was in beta, because I had all these issues before.