New Apple WebKit (Safari 3.0) Crashes DT quite often...

Although I’m sure it’s not exclusive to DevonThink Pro and will effect various other apps that rely on Apple’s WebKit, as of installing the Safari 3.0 beta, which seems to update WebKit. DT has begun crashing with regularity.

Ah well.


Why am I not surprised? :slight_smile:

We’ve also received a Support query by another user who downloaded Safari 3.0. Sent the crash log to Christian for analysis.

Just use “Safari3BetaUninstall.pkg” to uninstall Safari 3 and then everything should again work as expected.

Finally I’ve installed the beta of Safari 3 and opened several bookmarks, HTML pages, web archives and feeds in DEVONthink Pro. No crash. In addition, I’ve added both bookmarks and web archives from Safari 3 using bookmarklets. Again, no problems. Finally, I reloaded and captured web archives in DT. Still no problems. Therefore it’s probably a beta issue but not a basic incompatibility between DT and Safari 3.

Safari 3 is fast but the buttons (e.g. of this forum) are really ugly :wink:

It may also be caused by one of the myriad of “plugin-hacks” for Safari that may be incompatible with the latest version.

As Annard says, the problem may lie with modifications of Safari via plugins.

Could anyone experiencing crashes with DT and Safari 3 beta check to see if removing ‘additions’ to Safari corrects the problem? That may help zero in on what’s really incompatible with the current Safari beta 3.0.

I have no plug-in whatsoever installed for Safari and I am experiencing very frequent crashes in DT when I browse.( I assume that by plug-ins you mean apps like Saft and SafariStand.)

Christian Gingras

Something that might help to solve the problem of DT crashing after the Safari 3 install. In DT preferences I unchecked enable plug-ins, enable Java, enable JavaScript and block advertisements Surprise! DT isn’t crashing anymore.

Christian Gingras

Thanks, I’ll give this a try and hopefully that will solve it. I uninstalled Safari 3 beta and DT went back to working right. Unfortunately ever since installing Apple’s 10.4.10 upgrade, I’m back to the same problems even using the “old” Safari :frowning:

Whatever has changed between 10.4.9 and 10.4.10 (i’m guessing the changes to WebKit), crashes DT.

EDIT: for what it’s worth I have no strange safari plug ins installed at all (no Saft, Safari Helper, whatnot). I will try it with enable plug-ins, etc, unchecked.


I have seen reports on MacFixit about people who had problems with their regular Internet Plugins after removing Safari 3beta. You may need to reinstall those…

Word of advice: always wait a couple of days before touching new Apple candy and keep an eye on MacFixit. It has saved my productivity several times!

I just installed Safari 3.0.2 beta and reactivated plug-ins, Java and JavaScript in DT preferences. Everything seems to work perfectly. No more crashes…


I have zero issues with anything since upgrading to 10.4.10. I’m on Safari and browse within DT constantly. So maybe something else is going on?

Hi, Alexandria. I’m also using OS X 10.4.10 with the ‘official’ version of Safari, 2.0.4. Absolutely no problems, nor did I have any before the last OS update.

Safari 3.x was recently released as a beta by Apple. I suspect that was done so the version of Safari that will be used by iPhone will get a thorough wringing out as a public beta in advance of the release of iPhone.

I usually wait a bit and watch other people’s experience before installing a beta, unless Christian wrote it. He’s a perfectionist. I’ve done critical work even with his alphas with almost never a problem. :slight_smile:

Probably most of the people who experienced problems with the beta of Safari 3.x had previously installed add-ons to Safari from third parties, resulting in problems with ‘breaking’ the add-ons and Safari. I generally don’t modify Apple’s programs or OS, so I don’t have any such third-party utilities or extensions or plugins. Based on Christian’s test, I probably wouldn’t have problems with the Safari beta. But I’m busy doing some projects and don’t want to risk mucking up my computer right now. I’ll wait a bit longer.

How did you do that? The bookmarklets don’t seem to work here. DTP comes up but then I just get a tick sound. :frowning:



UPDATE: Never mind! Re-import of the bookmarklets (along with other bookmarks) from OmniWeb tuned the & into &s and that was the problem.

Yes, Bill, after many years (too many!) of experience, I too often wait to download betas for the most part. There have been exceptions, of course, but fortunately I didn’t download the Safari 3 beta after leafing through (firguratively) the new features. Just didn’t seem like something I wanted to try. There are other times when I do take the risk, and sometimes the hit! Good to keep in mind a beta is just that and whenever you use one, there will likely be issues. Just didn’t want to mess with those in Safari. I left it up to other brave souls to do it.