new bookmarklet

I was excited to read about the new bookmarklet, but it does not seem to be working. I am using the new safari public beta. Could this be the issue?

No, it’s compatible to Safari 4.0. What exactly is not working?

Well I was on a site and wanted to save the page as a webarchive, so I clicked the “clip to Devonthink” bookmarklet that is in my toolbar. Nothing happens. I tried selecting some text and clicked, nothing. I restarted Safari and tried again, nothing.

exactly the same issue here
one thing to note … on download page it says to either drag the bookmarklet icon or right click and choose add to bookmark bar. That second option does not appear for me. The drag worked, but the bookmarklet does nothing.

just to clarify, I have the newest version of everything, ignore my sig.

Just use the bookmarklet from the disk image in this case.

there is no disk image with an upgrade - so will try downloading the program dmg

The bookmarklet on the Download page had a bug. I have corrected it, please simply reload the Download page and try again. It should work now!

seems to be working here - thanks for the quick attention to this.
one question though - it puts all the clippings in teh global inbox - any way to tell it to put it in the default database?

See Preferences > Import > Destination.

Yes, just change your default destination setting in Preferences > Import.

You guys have won the awesome award for today. That bookmarklet is so cool. 8)

agreed - now I can get ride of circus ponies and only use DTPO
another question though:
I have a bookreader that I use to read RTF files on the road. In order to import into it, I need a directory to point to. DTP clips and saves into a bunch of subdirectoriess like 1, 2, c etc even for the same file types. Can I get it to save all my RTF documents in one place?

Just select the RTF files you wish to import into the book reader, and use File > Export > Files & Folders to send them to a new Finder folder. Remove the DEVONtech_storage files, then import them to the book reader.

Suppose you wish to export ALL your RTF files. Use the History window (Tools > History). If not already present, add a Kind column (View > Columns > Kind) and sort by Kind. Select all the RTFs and export them.

Any chance of getting the Bookmarket feature invoked via a
standard Safari button like what 1Password and Evernote has?

I’m just thinking about the aesthetics of it.

I don’t use Evernote and 1Password, but I just found out that the bookmarks bar in the new Safari beta adds shortcut keys to those bookmarks. So “clip to DT” is command>1 for me. That’s pretty sweet I think

We could do this but these buttons require the use of non-standard, unsupported hooks that can break with every release of Safari. Evernote and 1Password spend a lot of time making it work again and again … so we think we can spend our energy better until Apple decides to open the hooks for third-party applications like Firefox did with its extensions API.

Hmmm… I must be missing something.

Bill told me about the great Rich Text capture from Services on another thread, which I love - keeps formatting and picts, etc.

I can’t seem to figure out how to get the bookmarklet to take a Rich Text note, although it offers 2 types of PDFs!!!

How do I tell the bookmarklet to do this? Or should I continue using my newfound keyboard shortcuts for the Services menu (probably faster I guess…) and use the bookmarklet for Archives and PDFs?

Thanks for the great new features!

Hmm, ya I’d like to see an RTF option here. I never noticed that was missing

I just ran into another issue. I was on a page that was a pdf on the web ( … amptxt.pdf)
and clicked the bookmarklet to save the pdf. I received an error “make sure the webpage is open…”