New Category Tree

I use DEVONThink as my primary document database. It is a great tool for my legal practice.  After using your product for several months, I would like to suggest one design change. I would like to see all of the documents stored in one main library. I would like to then be able to use the outline tree to create topics rather than files. I would like to then be able to drag documents into the topics (similar to iTunes). When I click on a document, the contents are listed in the window pane. Thus, I can have a file in multiple categories without actually having to have multiple copies of the document in the database. This would allow me to either use the robust search function to organize and find information, or to organize categories in hierarchical list, and to relate a document to multiple categories.

Yes, I also use the Category Tree more as an Topic Map and add my Document to one more of These topics. The suggested Interface design change sounds very usefull for me.
Perhaps you have to change some Details in the Search, Categorization and Recomendation Implementation. But the effects would really great!

This sounds like a wonderful suggestion. :slight_smile: I’d love to see this in a future rev. Even further, it would be great to be able to export the structure as OPML, with the documents exported with the structure. This would enable tight integration with the NoteBook/NoteTaker class of applications.

On that same theme, will DT support importing OPML? I often create outlines of various sorts, typically with OmniOutliner or now with NoteBook, and would like to preserve the outline structure within DT. :slight_smile:

DT will import OPML as we plan to add a simple outliner. In addition we want to make split views editable so that you’re able to edit contents right in the browser window (just like a notepad).

Christian, thank you for your reply.  Importing OPML is really great news.  

As for adding a simple outliner to DT… if I can use the outliner to group/arrange documents, as was suggested above, and if I can then export the OPML – and the docs with it – that would be awesome.

Thanks for listening.