new computer, clipping service behaving differently

After moving to a new MBPro, I find the clipping service of DTPro acting differently: if I select text on a webpage and invoke the command-shift-0 for Take Rich Note, I am taken to DTPro to view and authorize the clipping in a black translucent pane with only the option of saving as webarchive. Then it saves the whole page, ads and sidebars and all.

Nothing in the Prefs seems to apply.

Check the shortcut assignments in System Preferences > Keyboard > Services. There might be a conflict between the shortcut for Take Rich Note and the shortcut assigned to the DEVONthink clipper extension that is set in your browser.


There’s no listing in Prefs>Keyboard>Services for the Clipping extension. But with that information, I found and deactivated the extension and am back to customary behavior.

Thank you!

I didn’t say there was. System Preferences > Keyboard > Services is where you can modify the shortcut for the Take Rich Note service (note: System Preferences is a different panel than Safari preferences or DEVONthink preferences). On the other hand, the shortcut preference for the DEVONthink clipper extension is set in your browser. Neither of these shortcuts are set in DEVONthink.