New Database Encryption - Feedback and Appreciation to Developers

Hi DT community.

I have been a customer for DT for several years now. I have never made the time to post on the community forum but I wanted to take the opportunity now to express my gratitude and appreciation to developers for the new Devonthink desktop app v3.

I use Devonthink for both personal and work. I use it to journal, collect articles and information of interest and organize my thoughts & ideas. The new added database security feature in v3 has given me a more intimate relationship with the app. I feel more confident storing my data and in my journal folder my entries are more personal. Marketing an app as your digital brain is asking a lot. When you put a strong focus on security and the user can see and feel it as part of it’s foundation and not just an afterthought bolted on I think it psychologically changes the relationship the user is willing to have with the app.

I hope to see this feature spill over to the iOS application. I did review the manual and noted that the iOS application implements an elevated data class protection API. I had to do some research to understand what this means but the iOS Security Guide published by Apple did explain it quite well. However, I did notice some problems with it’s implementation which I will make a note of in a separate thread under the correct sub-forum. I do hope it is read by the DT dev team.

Again thanks for your great work on v3.

Sam R.

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Welcome @sam68
Thanks for the nice feedback and comments.:slight_smile: