New database format?

I just upgraded to v1.7. As I was starting up for the first time, a message came on about a new database format and would I like to transfer my old data into it. I said yes, but received a message that I had errors in my database and couldn’t transfer until I had verified and repaired my current database. So I did. Except there is still one evidently irreparable error.

So my first question is: Is it possible to find and eliminate this one error, or any other error, for that matter?

My second question is: Will I be allowed to update with an error in the database?

And my third question is: How do I now update the format? The initial message said it was possible any time and listed a process, but I didn’t write down how to do it. I expected I would be given another opportunity at the next startup, but nothing.


Try “Backup & Compress” (this will update the format too) and “Verify & Repair” afterwards. If the error will be still there, send us the database (using our FTP server <>) and we’ll have a look at it.

Thanks. That worked very well.

Now that I’ve done that, I’ve got to say BRAVO!!! The speed of this new version is fabuloso! Absolutely terrific!! Thanks for all your hard work.