New Database with Same Items Is Significantly Smaller


I am using Tresorit as an online backup of some of my data. And because Tresorit is not able to properly sync DEVONthink data bases I zip my data bases regulary, save the zipped files to Tresorit and keep the last five of them. It’s not as good as syncing but it is okay, given the fact that I regulary backup with Time Machine.

This works fine with my main data base but not with the database solely dedicated to be a backup of my e-mails. And that’s because the e-mail database is larger than 5 GB which is the upper limit for single files in the Tresorit rate I picked.

Solution: I split the e-mail data base into two, A to K and L to Z. I did so by first creating two new data bases and then duplicating the items from the old, complete e-mail database to the new ones.

And now a weird thing happens: The sum of the file sizes of the two new databases is way smaller than the old one! And it gets even weirder: By some inexplicable mistake not just the selected but all items of the e-mail database were duplicated to the A to K database. They have the exact same number of items but the latter one has only half the file size.

So what might have happened here? Does duplication only duplicate the e-mails but, different to importing from Apple Mail, not the attachments?

And if so, what is the best way to get two complete e-mail databases?

It is no great mystery. The old database has internal metadata backups. The new ones do not. As those backups are created (set by DEVONthink’s Preferences > Backup), the size of each database will change.