New docs disappear in 3-pane view

When I drag documents into DT Pro 1.5.4, they do not appear in the left-hand pane (the folder column) of the 3-pane view. If I click in the blank space below the listed folders, the docs appear in the document pane.

If I switch views to any other view, the docs appear below the folders, in the same pane as the folders. Only in 3-pane view do they not show up.

Am I doing something wrong?

Nope. The documents are at the “root” or “Home” level of your database’s hierarchy. There should be a little icon of a house on the left side of your toolbar – click that to go back to the root/Home level, and drag the files out to wherever you want them to go.

A couple of people have suggested that there be an icon or something in that left pane to represent the root level of the database. I’m beginning to think this might be a good idea.

Thanks for the fast reply. I clicked on the Home button and nothing changed. I still see all the folders in the folder pane, and when I click in the empty space below the folders, the docs appear in the upper-right Document pane … but still don’t appear in the left-hand pane below the folders (as they do in every other view).

Just curious: is there some reason this behavior is limited to the 3-pane view?

Oh, wait. I misunderstood you. The three-pane view only shows folders in the folder pane, and only shows documents in the upper right pane.