*new* Dropbox question

I have been using Dropbox to sync my DB (DTPO 2.0.5) between computers, but I have had to stop, because no matter how carefully I closed the DB, I almost invariably got the message that it was already open the next time I tried to open it. This has only stopped since I stopped using Dropbox. Since I know other people use Dropbox successfully to sync, does anyone have any idea of what I’m doing wrong?
P.S: running OS 10.5.8 on a Mac Mini 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo and on a G4 PowerBook (Dropbox is also synced to a third computer, but it can’t run DTPO 2, so I’ve never tried to open the database on that one.)

Firstly, run Verify and Repair on your database before you try to sync it again. Just to clear up any issues, orphan files, etc., that might be lingering.

Then, I’d suggest this sequence: quitting Dropbox, closing the database, quitting DTPO, starting Dropbox, watching Dropbox’ syncing status to see that it’s completed, then reverse the process on other machine.

Having Dropbox running while the database in question is open might lead to sync conflicts. It’s also been reported in Dropbox forums from time to time that Dropbox might not always reliably synchronize packages (folders) that have a large number of files inside them.

Thanks, I’ll try that.