New DT User - how to not import files?

I bought DT through Macheist and I was hoping to use DT instead of purchasing KIT for my research organization needs.

However, I don’t understand DT’s Preferences > Import options. I REALLY really don’t want DT to import/copy my files to a new location, which is what it appears to be doing even though I unchecked all the Import options. I have a very particular folder structure and I need to keep it that way for both peace of mind and so that I can easily move through my files on both Mac and PC.

Is this possible or am I stuck with having to maintain two separate copies of all my files (!hard drive space!) or buying KIT and using that instead?

I see that there’s a File>Index menu item but I can only select a file at a time… I’ve got all my files from high school and college (a lot!) in a hierarchy that would take an awfully long time to index file by file.

You should be able to select multiple files/folders via File > Index. Or just drag & drop your files & folders to DEVONthink’s window while pressing both the Command and the Option modifier key.

You should enable all file types (see Preferences > Import > Files) you want DEVONthink to import/index.

Ah hah! Thank you very much. I had disabled all the file types since I figured the tab open under Preferences>Import was under “Import” and I didn’t want DT to import them. (might be something to note for you guys–maybe in that panel say something like “Files to Import/Index”), so then when I dragged/selected a folder, DT wasn’t going recursively through its contents.