New DT Windows Don't Appear on Launch/Invocation

I have a strange window problem occurring with DevonThink Pro 2.8.8.

I don’t think the issue occurred prior to this update.

When I load DevonThink, no window automatically loads. I get the splash screen and it says it’s loading the databases, but no window then opens. I have to go to File>New Window> to manually select a window.

Similarly when I click the dock icon when the app is running, but all windows closed, it doesn’t bring a window into appearance any more - I have to then choose New Window from the File menu again.

I’ve never had this problem before, and DT is the only app where it is happening.

I’m running OS 10.11.1.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Does it persist after rebooting your machine?

Yes, unfortunately it does.

My only other guess is some strange incompatibility with Moom and El Cap’s window split system? They’re the only other things that I think could be influencing windowing behaviour?

What happens when you quit Moom? You may need to remove Moom as a startup item, if set as such, and reboot again to test fully.

I’ve extracted myself from the couch and my iPad and run testing on the Mac.

Quitting Moom has not changed the behaviour - same problems occurring. The application activates, but no windows are created without manual intervention.

Very weird.

Okay, I may have solved the problem.

I had four databases open. I closed each database, one by one. Each time I closed a database, the main DevonThink window disappeared, and I had to open a new one through the File menu.

Once all databases were closed, I quit and relaunched DTP.

Then, I opened a couple of the databases up again.

Now, DTP seems happy once more. Windows reappear as I would expect.

A very strange glitch. I will keep an eye on things and see if the problem reoccurs. Hopefully not, though, because DTP has always been one of my most stable applications!

Yeah. let us know.