New DT3.5 Features

Hello, I’ve been trying to see how to make use of this new feature in DT 3.5:

You can now let the sidebar show only the active database’s content so that you don’t get lost in an endless list of expanded groups and subgroups.
Switch databases or access your favorites with new menu commands and keyboard shortcuts

Can you expand a bit as to how its done ?

Also, I’ve been meaning to ask for a while how to right-click on a file to move it to a sub-group in another database without having to see the subgroups of every other open database in the ‘right click move to’ menu.


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The new sidebar option is Preferences > General > Sidebar > Unify databases (on by default), disabling it will switch to the new & alternate behaviour. And the new menu commands/shortcuts can be found in the Go menu. For more details see release notes or help.