New DTP Office Beta function

This is a quote from the press release announcing Public Beta 5:

I really don’t know how to start doing this. Could Devon give me a step by step Idiot’s Guide, and assume that I don’t even know what a shared database is?

Choose the menu for online help (Help > DEVONthink Pro Office Help) and search for iPhone. That should get you started.

Or even better, search on YouTube for DEVONthink and you’ll see a screencast from Eric showing you all the steps in detail!

Is there a way to retrieve note made in iphone, and then saved to your database over the internet. I can retrieve these notes when I return home but am unable to get them from the iphone.

The YouTube tutorial worked fine thanks. Excellent, in fact. Unfortunately the first PDF I opened crashed the iPhone.

Let me get this right. I’m able to browse a shared database only on my local wifi network but not when I’m on-the-go away from home…?

Having spent some time test driving this function I now declare it to be brilliant. The crash was clearly because I tried to load a huge PDF.

I want to have access to my shared databases away from my home network, but even if I can’t view them, I’d like to be able to compile notes that will pop into my inbox as soon as I reconnect to the network back at base.