New DTPO 1.3b3 Beta

Just read your note about version DTPO 1.3b3. Great job. The additional features, corrections and refinements are a testament to your diligence but also to your listening ear. I noticed many of the items are issues raise here on the forum. Thank you. I ugraded to DTPO earlier in the Beta Process knowing your commitment to product refinement. That confidence allowed me to buy with confidence knowing the product would evolve.

We as users have work we are attempting to do in a progressively better and more effecient manner. You are developing tools which, in part make that possible… the dialog on this forum is empowering for both of us.

Again… thanks.

Chico, California USA

Is there any way to add support for Canon’s AIO printer scan software?

Maybe a way to auto-import scanned documents into DTPO and OCR them :slight_smile:

AFAIK there is no way in Canon’s software to send the output to another (custom) application. Your only option is to send a feature request for this functionality to Canon. As soon as they support this, it will work with our software.

But, as usual, there is a workaround. Now with AppleScript/Automator support, you can set a watched folder where the output will be sent to DTPO. That would work.

can it automatically import it in using OCR?

on a side note:

I’ve also noticed that if you have a PDF in DTPO already and then you right-click on it to scan using OCR, it makes a duplicate of that PDF (i’m assuming the original w/o OCR, and the new one with OCR) …

is there any way for it to not make a duplicate and just erase the original?

If you write an automator workflow to get the incoming document of a watched folder and run the “OCR Item” action on it, it can do it “automatically”.

As to the contextual menu to convert an existing image, no we will not remove the existing image. The other “Convert…” items also do not remove the record that was converted and we’d like to keep the meaning of these operations consistent.

the automator script idea will work …

how will it know which database to throw it into?

or will it throw it into the one that’s currently open?

thanks. i think i’ll go to AIO printer direction vs. ScanSnap …


Quick question while on this topic.
Does the automator OCR function also downsize the .pdf, as it does in the new beta?


Check the Extras folder in the distribution. There is an example workflow to convert selected records to Searchable PDFs.

To answer the other question: you can always insert the Open Database action somewhere in the beginning of a workflow. This will allow you to specify exactly what database to use.

is there any way to archive/import emails but not remove them out of

also, with the scansnap, if you scan in a receipt that’s 2x2" big, does the resulting size of the PDF the shape of the receipt? Or will the receipt be superimposed on a letter sized PDF with white space around it?

I’ve archived thousands of messages from Mail and Entourage, and they are still there, unless I delete them from within Mail or Entourage. The mail archiving routine keeps track of messages it has already archived.

ScanSnap Manager has an online Help file.

Although I usually leave the setting on automatic paper size recognition, when I’m scanning odd sizes I often switch to 8" x 11" page size so that narrower documents won’t get ‘trimmed’.

Sometimes automatic page size recognition works well, sometimes it doesn’t. And mixing page sizes can be tricky. my apologies! I just tested it again and it doesn’t erase it from mail! I guess I assumed it erased from mail because when you select it inside of devonthink the mail disappears from the list…

auto-paper size recognition: does devonthink’s ability to do OCR hampered if the paper scan is slightly tilted?

Of course, it’s best to feed paper through the scanner without tilting. But the OCR module is capable of handling some degree of tilt.