New feature - Added Source Code document type

I don’t where I would do it and would be the benefit

Where you would do what?

The item you’re noting is for imported files being detected as source code, as appropriate.

I’d hoped that would mean DTTG could display AppleScript files, but that’s not the case. Not to worry :slight_smile:

… when saved as text (.applescript).

…but not when saved as .scpt when it is correctly recognised as AS, but not displayed:

(I index my ScriptEditor folder to DT so as to be able to quickly search scripts for how it was that I do x, y or z; I wanted to support someone here on the forum whilst I was AFK when I discovered that I can’t read the files in DTTG.)

Nope, because a script isn’t plain text under-the-hood.

…but I bet you could, if you really really tried :smiley: Might you add it to the list of things the new editor might be capable of? Low priority for sure.

Same file under-the-hood…

And the request is noted :slight_smile:

Sure, we just have to port AppleScript to iOS :laughing:


I just did that too :see_no_evil:

Thanks Jim :slight_smile:

Oooooh, Criss, coooould you? :star_struck:

Of course. This would be a nice task for the day when DEVONthink is perfect & complete and any change or addition would only make things worse :crazy_face: