New Feature Request for DEVONagent

I just had a chance to demo a trial of a new competitor, grokker. While it has a very interesting display, it is not overall as useful as the combo of DEVONthink/ DEVONagent.

Grokker has one feature that would really be great in DEVONagent: the ability to do its search on one’s own local hard disk (or maybe a networked voulme).

Any chance this could be added? EasyFind is great for searching the files, but DEVONagent shows its data in context or summarized. That is really useful.

EasyFind 4.0 (next release will be 3.3 and released next month) will be able to preview found documents, will highlight occurrences, will include real support for RTF/RTFD/HTML/PDF/iChat logs/text clippings and therefore should be sufficient for local searches.

This sounds really good. The vagaries of indexing in the Finder have made EasyFind much more important. I look forward to the upgrades. Thanks.

When this new version, EasyFind 4.0, is expected to release?

Hopefully at the end of the year - next releases will be DEVONnote 1.1, DEVONagent 1.5, DEVONthink 1.9 (all major revisions!) and the first public beta of DEVONthink Pro .