New feature request - # of document pages as a document view column

When importing new documents into DT, especially when scanning, it would be great if I could instantly see the number of pages in the document, in addition to the size (in KB or MB) and word count. I know that I can view the thumbnails in the inspector, but that takes a couple of clicks - it would be much easier if this was just a column in the Inbox document list (along with name, date, kind, size, word count, etc.). Thanks for considering!

The Length column shows this over here.

@pete31 Thank you, that’s perfect! I’m not sure how I missed that, except I was looking for the word “pages” rather than “length”.

That’s just to save some horizontal space, e.g. the duration of audio/video files is also shown in this column.

@cgrunenberg Thanks again. I now have a VERY minor bug report - when you have a 1 page document, the length column lists it as “1 Pages” rather than “1 Page”.

Thanks, the next maintenance release will fix this.