New files not syncing between DTG and DT3

I started uploading files to DTG for about 6 months. I just purchased a MBA and now I would like to start using DT3. I downloaded DT3 onto the MBA and successfully added my databases from my NAS via WebDAV, except for the 1 issue noted below. One by one, I brought over my databases from DTG to DT3. Open Database populated and number of files in each of the groups match.

This issue happens when I create a new file (say text file) in either of the programs. The file will not sync to the other program.

I also noticed that in my Global Inbox in DTG, I had 8 files but after setting up DT3 there are only 6 files. The web archive files were not imported into DT3.

How do I go about fixing this issue?

I just check my phone and MBA and the databases appear to be entirely in sync. I guess the sync process was just slower than I expected.

Good it worked. First time sync takes longer than the following ones.

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Patience is not only a virtue, it’s a requirement on the initial sync of databases :wink: