New Group Keyboard shortcut not working

I’m a newbie to DT and in the process of setting up many groups and transferring files.

I click in the item list but I can’t get the new group shortcut (SHIFT+CMD+N) to work. I just get that “bonk” sound.

I checked this link: [If a keyboard shortcut doesn’t work on Mac] (had to remove the link because a popup window said it was not allowed) on Apple Support but there is no yellow warning badge there. I haven’t been able to find the solution here yet.

I’m probably making a stupid mistake but I would appreciate any help. Thanks!

Are you running any utilities using keyboard shortcuts, like Keyboard Maestro, etc. or services with hotkeys?

Oops. I see that somehow BetterTouchTool was interfering. I deleted an item in BTT and now it’s working.

Thanks for the rapid response, Bluefrog! Sorry for the dumb mistake.

No worries and not dumb at all. People just forget such things when they’re trying to run all manner of utility apps.

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