New Guy Here.

I am new to Devonthink Pro Office and Scansnap and have a few questions.

  1. When you import from scanner, should it show something under ‘devices’? Mine just has a (0) and it is not scanning.

  2. Can you uninstall Abbyy Finereader from Scansnap so that there aren’t two versions of the software?

  3. Do add-ons remain ‘checked’ in Devonthink even after they are installed?

Thanks for your help.

  1. No. The ScanSnap doesn’t have a TWAIN driver. It is controlled by the supplied ScanSnap Manager software.

  2. In ScanSnap Manager Settings, uncheck the options “Use Quick Menu” and (in the File Option tab) “Convert to Searchable PDF”.

  3. Those that have a significant probability of being updated by maintenance releases will remain checked.

When I go to import from scanner or camera, the only place I can find a ‘Start’ button is under ‘Queue’ and when I push ‘Start’ is says select device first, but there is no device to select. I don’t think DTPO is recognizing my scanner, which is a Scansnap ix500. Please help.

When I try to scan from DTPO, the only place I can find a ‘scan’ or ‘start’ button is in import from scanner/camera in the ‘Queue’ sidebar. When I press start it ask for me to select a device, of which there are none to choose. I don’t think DTPO recognizes my Scansnap ix500. Please help.

Just do as suggested in the online help: Let DEVONthink Pro Office configure your copy of ScanSnap Manager, then insert a sheet of paper and press the “Scan” button on the scanner.