New individual item window doesn't respect its lineage. :)

Deese new windows - they be gypsys…wandering about the countryside with no respect from whence they came.

In all previous builds, a new window created by doubleclicking a title brought up the window in some proximity to its “parent’s” window.

Now, with pb5, the new window is created in the location of the last item window used.

On a multiple monitor setup, let’s assume I have db1 on the left screen and db2 on the right screen. In the past, an individual item window would open on the same screen as the originating db. So, doubleclicking an item in db2 would open a window on screen 2, and doing the same with db1 would be likewise, on screen 1.

Now, with pb5, let’s say after opening a window in db2 on screen 2, then opening a window in db1, that resulting window would appear at the same coords as the previous opened window on screen 2.

What this means in the real world, is that all subjects which I keep on one screen or the other are now constantly moving all over the desktop and I have to drag every one of them to the correct screen just to keep some semblance of sanity.

Sorry I didn’t describe this more effectively.

PS: This might have something to do with the new quicklook? (which I LOVE, btw, if the ql window would remember that I don’t want it HUGE every time) Would be real nice if it would remember a resizing that I had made after the last one opened. :slight_smile:

PS2: And congrats, again, Christian, both for pb5 and Karolina!


This behavior that you’re describing sounds similar to what I’m experiencing with three out of 20 database. check this thread for more discussion:

Further comments would be welcome.

Tod the Terrier

Thanks, Tod, but no change on deleting the prefs file. It was fun to discover lots of prefs files I had forgotten about though while I was in there, like the original DT and Photostickies prefs from 2004!

Guess I need to clean out the cruft from time to time.

This issue is not that big of a deal - compared to all the wonderfulness of DTP, I ain’t complaining…