New iPad Air 2, transfering databases

Major disappointment with installation on new device,iPad Air 2 64GB WiFi only, Apple nr MH182KN/A. Loaded DTTG from AppStore and initiated sync with my three databases, in all just under 6000 items.
Databases created and contains the correct groups and items (I think). PDF’s are displayed correctly but all RTFs and RTFDs are blank, i.e. no content.
Creating a new database, creating one group with one note in RTF form and synchronize crashes DTTG.

DTTG runs relatively well on my old iPad (I call it iPad3), Apple nr MD329KS/A. Syncing databases runs well and I have not had any problems lately.

Which version of DEVONthink To Go do you run on your new iPad? Version 1.5.2 should not crash and work reliably as long as you don’t view RTFs with underlined or strike-through text — this is fixed in 1.5.3 which is waiting for review at Apple.

As I stated, I loaded the DTTG from the AppStore in order to get the latest version. I do not use underline or strike-through text. The system crashes reliably with plain RTF’s.

I would also like to point out the odd behavior. If I load my database containing my diary (RTF and RTFD notes) as well as PDF’s the database loads all item and completes without any warnings. In this case all RTF/RTFD entries are without content, i.e. the group hierarchy is correct and all notes seems to be present but there is no content. On the other hand, if I create a database and in that creates one group with one RTF message the sync attempt will crash. I have submitted all crash reports from the app.

OK, thank you for submitting the crash reports. I will have a look at them.

Otherwise I could only ask you to reset your databases (via the Reset switch in DEVONthink To Go’s Settings) and try again with version 1.5.3. This should no longer have any problems with RTFs. It should become available latest in a week’s time as it has to go through Apple’s review first.

I will do that, but I can not find any “via the Reset switch in DEVONthink To Go’s Settings”. Can you give me more precise info on this, please.

It seems, at least in some of the RTF texts, that the character mapping is incorrect. I am writing in Swedish and, of course, using “åäöÅÄÖ”.

This is part of the correct sentence;
“Har kommit på, alldeles själv, hur man kopplar ett kortkommando till en template. Gör så här;”
This is the way it came out
“Har kommit p∑, alldeles sj™颒lv, hur man kopplar ett kortkommando till en template.
G⎞r s∑ h™颒r;”

This type of conversion errors have previously been a problem for me in syncing databases to DTTG.

New findings!
I rebuilt my database (Tools->Rebuild Database) and the process found 4 errors (“Undefined format”). Turned out to be 4 old Word-files. Deleted these and re-synced. Some improvements, and for the RTF/RTFD’s that to show up with content appear with correct character set. I have still entries in the DTTG database that have not received/or do not show their content. I will continue to look into these later.

Still not able to transfer database to my new iPad Air 2.
My old iPad3 work(ed) well. It is on IOS 8.1.1(12B435) and had no problems syncing with the different formats in the database (2.8.2). The database was created some time ago (>a year)
In order to verify if the problem was tied in with the new (more modern) hardware I deleted the database on the iPad3, removed it from memory, set the Troubleshooting, Reset at Startup switch, and restarted DTTG. Initiated sync of database and it completed transfer without any errors. The result, however, is exactly the same as on iPad Air. Entries lack content and have these weird character transformations.
Is there something wrong with the initialization of a new database?

It should not be. Are the document really empty or do they just appear to be empty? You can check their actual size in the info screen for the document.

Also: Does version 1.5.3, out since last night, fix the issue?

Updated to 1.5.3
Still same problem unfortunately.
The size of the RTFDs seem to be all right, they just do not display. When en entry is selected there is a short blink of something, maybe text, but then all blank.
Some of the entries also have this weird character transformation. This is the scenario. After a completed sync going to a data itemized entry (my diary) everything looks just fine. If an item is selected and display it may transform into this weird stuff and the file modification date is updated to present date/time. Note, it is the action of pressing the entry that triggers all this and it is happening at the time of viewing. If I start another sync the weird content is transferred back up to my DTPO database. Some entries behave just normal and display their content correctly

Since updating to 1.5.3 I have rebuild my database in DTPO 2.8.2 and used the script to copy Creation data to Modification date and synced. This seemed to help in getting more entries “visible” but the weird character transformation still happens now and then.

Continued the investigation.

The weird character set.
This happens for entries that are older than approx 15 dec 2013. I can correct an incorrect entry by, in DTPO, select the entire content, create a new rich text item and copy the clipboard into the new entry. The new entry will display correctly, the old will have the weird characters. I created a database with two such items and its seems to be stable when syncing. The two entries are available for comparison.

The missing content-view
Based on my experience with my two other databases, where I manually corrected all “weird displayed entries” according to above, it seems that the RTF/RTFD entries do reappear and these two databases now work as expected (but the sync procedure is very sensitive). The most reliable way is to remove DTTG from memory, activate the Settings/Troubleshoot/Reset, start DTPO, select a database in DTPO, start DTTG, select sync and select database and start sync. In order to sync again I have to remove DTTG from memory, close and quit DTPO, start DTPO and DTTG and then start sync. If this procedure is not followed the second sync will not start.
All this could, of course, also be a function of that something in the sync-transfer, with my incorrect entries, has disturbed the protocol.

So if I understand correctly: new RTFs with accented characters appear OK, only older ones are garbled?

I am not quite sure it is as simple as that, but lets assume it is. If so it seems to be the template for RTF used before dec 2013 that is missbehaving.
I now have all three databases syncing, but in two of them I have removed the “Diary-group” and corrected the remaining RTFs with the procedure described earlier. Once these changes have been done everything works fine, including umlauts.

I have two RTF files that I can send to you. When entered into a DTPO database and a group the two entries show identical content (which they should, one is a text-copy/paste copy of the other). Sync this database to DTTG and one will show correct content, the other garbled content. Since the text just have been copy/pasted using clipboard, there must be some difference in the template thats causing this behavior

This is what I found in the templates (I have been using DTPO RTF templates).
For RTF-records, created prior to approx 2013-12-01, the templates do not have the “{\info
{some text}}” string in the template. As soon as this string is added in the template header the RTF will display correctly on the iPad. (Note: All entries are always displayed correctly in DTPO).
My conclusion is that the “info” field somehow is a requirement in the new 1.5 version and that this was not a requirement in prior releases.

One more thing.
Just discovered that the DTTG Prefs “Open RTF in edit mode” was ON. Setting it to OFF, removing the database and resync will make ALL entries transfered correctly.
Now, selecting an entry (with the correctly displayed text) and pressing the “pen” icon rewrites the page and the text revert back to the garbled state and stays this way.

On the iPad3, repeating the above, the text in unaffected when pressing the “pen”-icon.

New 1.5.4 version of DTTG works great. I have transferred my databases without any hickups and content of my notes (RTF/RTFD) is OK as far as I can tell with some random tests.