New Mac system preferences - Mail plug-in not showing in Apple Mail

Hi, I just loaded my DTPro Server onto a new M1 Mackbook Air running Big Sur 11.2.1 and while the mail plug-ins are said to be installed there is no "manage plug-in in the "general’ tab in Apple Mail’s preferences. I got a dialogue box that seems to have activated an “automation” option in the Privacy setting in System Preferences. That appears to allow Devonthink to use the mail app. In my case all boxes are ticked but the DT mail importer is not working.

Full disk access is enabled. Whenever I go to DT and the ‘import’ option for mail the app goes into a “not responding” mode.

Also the Mail App does not show the menu item to move messages to DT.

I cannot replicate this behaviour on my non-Apple Silicon mac except certin Inboxs are not uploading.

I cannot find anything on this in the forum. Any help would be appreciated.

Is your Home directory on the internal boot drive or an external volume?

Hi Jim , my home directory is on the internal drive but my desktop and documents Is in icloud. My databases are in the databases folder.

What is the full path to the “databases” folder? Just checking that it’s a folder under your “home” and not inadvertency under a folder that resides on iCloud.

The path is /Users/jwm-barrister/databases

I solved part of the problem by deleting the DT mail bundle in the Finder library and reinstalling. All DT menu items are back and so is DTs plug in.

Still the retrieval of a 17k email inbox has taken 1hr so far and still no email list.

is that normal for a first retrieval?

Good you made progress and found the solution.

I don’t know if it’s normal or not as I don’t have any real experience with mail and DEVONthink as I don’t do it but once a year and I forget. Sorry. I know there are past discussions in this forum about email importing and archiving so you might want to look back.

For the benefit of those who will follow later today with more complete guidance, please clarify that the 17k is 17,000 by count emails (not mailbox size, which I know is unlikely but just checking!), and clarify if you are archiving or importing mail.

Yes 17000 emails. I haven’t imported or archived. I am just trying to have the items listed before either option can be selected. Thx

That clarification is good to know. Wild guess here, but the interaction of DEVONthink with Apple Mail’s mailboxes depends on those mailboxes to be in good shape. Sometimes those mailboxes have to be re-built with the “Rebuild” menu command. Articles found on Internet explain how to do that although a quick scan I can’t find mention of “why” (which I always like to ask). Mysteries of Apple, I guess.

Just a thought.

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I rebuilt the mailbox and that solved the problem. Thx