New MacBook Pro.... Moving the Database

Hi all - I guess I’ll get this New MacBook Pro thread going :slight_smile:

I have an M1 MBP and an M1 iMac. I Index sections of both my Google Drive folder and DropBox folder. The database Started on the iMac and then via DropBox sync its now on the M1 MBP. The same google drive and dropbox folders are the same in both locations - I do the sync thing to keep tags and other metadata the same in both instances of DT3 (And google drive doesn’t even use tags!)

I just purchased the new M1 and will get it on Tuesday - what’s the best way to get devonthink up and running? Sync like I did for the first M1? Copy the database over ? I will make sure that both Google Drive and DB are both up and ready to go before I install DT3 (I assume that’s best)

Thanks! Anyone else getting the new MBP?

I will be in the same position with a new Mac Mini

For the databases, my intention is to make use of the sync store I set up at iCloud


Thanks. I think that will be my path