"New mail import" only 2 "folder levels"

First of all, thank you very much for your great work.

Unfortunately I only see 2 levels in my new mail import.
As you can see from the screenshot, in Apple Mail the structure of my Imap mailboxes is on 3 levels and so the assignment of the “SEMx” folders is difficult.
Is it possible that these layers can be set in DevonThing 3 beta3?

sunny greetings


Did you install the plugin for Apple Mail and enable it in its preferences?

Holy Moly, sorry this was my mistake … i installed the plugin, but didn’t enabled it in its preferences…

thx you so much.

Related, is it possible for v3 to have similar mailbox import as v2. I am missing the ability to import from Apple Mail based upon dates. Thanks so much.

This is already an option, just as it was in DEVONthink 2.
See the built-in Help > Documentation > Windows > Sidebar: Email.

Thanks. Below are two screenshots, the first from v2 that has “Email” as a distinct option and then opens into an Apple Mail box showing the various emails and an “archive mailbox” icon above it (as well as an import icon).

The second screenshot is from v3, that does not have the “Email” listing.

Thank you again.

That is correct and covered in the built-in Help I directed you to.