New Markdown editor and non-Latin text

The new Markdown editor is great. But it doesn’t display non-Latin text properly, e.g. the Hebrew example below. The editor is clearly including the text correctly in the saved document because the preview displays it all, but it becomes invisible in the editor. Even more strangely, the top-most line displayed on the screen at the time does appear correctly, so by scrolling one can make text appear and disappear.

Thanks for the report! This is a known issue and Development has been made aware of it.
Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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Cool, thanks for the quick response. I am very happy with the new Markdown features btw (although I must say the colour theming is a little… interesting… in places

Like what?
If you’re referring to the red block quotes, what would you suggest. I personally like the red as I use blockquotes every day and like how the red separates from other content.

yep, that’s the one — I also use lots of blockquotes, but it ends up being a bit too obtrusive for my taste.

Too much customisation is no doubt a nuisance, but maybe there could be a preference for “text highlight colour” which might be a little more general than “Markdown blockquote colour”.