New Mellel & XML: importing/indexing in DT?

Guys… Mellel has just been updated (
Could their new file format allow DT to import and/or index them, at last?
That would be bliss!

We hope to be able to capture text from – and perhaps render reasonably well – more file types in the future.

No promises on Mellel, although the change may make it easier to handle one of these days.

Thanks for your answer Bill. This request has been around for a while as you know, and I think many of us DT and Mellel users are glad to see the Redlers opening up opportunities with this new XML file format. Only, I don’t have the slightest idea of the difficulties there still might be to get DT to “see” .mellel files. What happens now when dragging a Mellel file over is slightly encouraging (I think!), as DT doesn’t show just an icon any more, but a blank text window; as if it nearly was able to render the text, but not quite - if you see what I mean… It might take just a few hooks here and there? Dunno. But would like to know :wink:

Yes, the time has most definitely come for DT to index mellel files. This request is old and is a much tooted-horn around here. Forget the ‘other file fypes’ for now- Mellel users await the DT upgrade now!

Christian said this would be updgraded as well " the only immediate improvement for DT is that DT will be able to index XML files and therefore at least searching, see also, classify, concordance etc. will work" ( … mellel+xml)

Let’s all play nice together!!