new note app (mountain lion)

Hi All,

I use the iPhone note app to make notes because it’s quicker and more reliable than DT to go. I had been importing new notes into DTpro through the email importer. Not sure what to do now apple have separated mail from notes. Any ideas? Cheers,


Hi Jonathon

Did you know that iCloud documents sync to a (usually) hidden folder on your Mac?

At first I was worried that this was a bit of a hack and that Apple would shut it down but their hiding of the Library folder by default and the continued use of this folder into the Mountain Lion release suggest to me that it’s a viable option here to stay, for users in the know.

So… I’ve not tried this yet but… You could try simply indexing that folder and your notes should just appear in DT for you to do with as you please. I’d index rather than import just to be safe, and the folders should stay in sync nicely via iCloud. You could of course create replicants and all the other DT tricks for getting your notes where you want them.



Great, thanks!

There doesn’t seem to be any any data in that folder. Interestingly, the notes still come up in the email app for icloud…