New Note Window(= not note name crated in inbox list) When creating new note

How can I get new window when creating new note? Currently, new note appears in my Inbox list and need to click that note for new note window. I like new note window when creating new notes.

Data → New → Rich Note

There isn’t such an option at this time. No promises but the request is noted.

thanks. I was struggled to find that option. but, there’re no such option eventually. see the one of benefit of having separated window note - that facilitate focused writing. hope you do understand this.

The Sorter’s tab for note taking might be an option in this case.

thanks. sorter tap text editor is not fully working for me. it’s still not independant window.

Hi I make that out in using Better Touch Tool. I feel very cool to make that out!!

Congratulations! Glad you made something to provide what you want.

Hi cme4ever, would you like to provide your solution? If it is working, i like to implement you hack with the note window and btt.


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Please see the attached for my configuration. it’s not perfect… but… it’s so far manageable to use it in my way.

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